Every professional dreams of landing a dream job that is aligned with his or her educational qualification as well as their professional profile. In order to turn your dream of landing your dream job into reality, you need to be well equipped with the perfect resume format. A candidate may have all the necessary skills that are required to carry out the tasks that are required by that job, but are you well equipped to ensure that you get an opportunity to be shortlisted for the job interview? In order to be selected for an interview, you need a great resume format, a resume that will highlight your key skills and make you look like a perfect candidate for the job. It is rightly said that your resume is the first impression you make on your prospective employer. A well designed and written profile does more than just give a recruiter a glimpse into your professional profile, a well written resume tells the reader a lot about you as a professional person while also giving them an insight into your personality as well. This is why it is very important that you give your resume a lot of thought and ensure that you have penned down all the relevant details that are required for the job, and left out the not so relevant stuff.


The secret to a well written and perfect resume is to keep the format as simple as possible, yet ensure that you highlight all your professional accomplishments that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Your resume should focus on the job you are applying for and guide your skills to this post. When drafting a sample resume, it is advisable to have a document that is not more than a 2 pages in length, a lengthy profile may distract the employer and he or she may miss out on some important details that can cost you the job. At the same time your format should not include any fluff or details that are not required. Your profile should tell your employer what sort of a job you are looking for and must act as a brief about yourself and your skills. In fact your resume is the best advertisement you can have of yourself in today’s competitive job market.

At Sample Resume Directory, we strive to provide you with the tools to equip you to achieve your dream. We have a collection of sample resumes that you can refer to whenever you are writing your own resume. These sample resumes have been professionally written, with each document customized to suit the designation it has been created for. You can refer to these sample resumes while creating your own profile, or download these templates and customize them to suit your needs.


Before you can get started on your resume format, you need to ensure that you understand what is required by the employer. One of the basics of good resume writing is to be original, DO NOT COPY someone’s format. Always ensure that your resume format contains original information that pertains to you. Always ensure that your professional profile is updated at regular intervals. In this website we provide you with a number of sample resumes, you can choose any of these resume templates that fit your needs; however you should ensure that you edit these  examples so that it may portray the correct picture. You can browse through our free samples and select the one that best fits your needs. The resume templates that we have are custom made for your needs and would ensure that your resume gets that competitive edge when you apply for a job. So good luck and happy job hunting! ping Directory