An accountant resume is a simple document which serves as a summary of your professional acumen as an accountant for prospective employers to view and get a better understanding of your knowledge and skills in the field. An accountant resume should be concise and very informative while it describes the abilities and experiences of an individual as accountant as well as his professional experience in his domain. An accountant is responsible for analyzing and preparing financial reports to determine or maintain records of assets, profits, loss, liabilities, tax liability, or other financial and book keeping activities in an organization where the professional works. An accountant is also responsible for developing, maintains and analyses the budgets, preparing reports and comparing the budgets plans with the current plans. A good accountant is responsible in ensuring that the company abides by the tax laws and provides financial advice to the management on how to grow their business. He is also responsible for keeping the management of the organization updated about the company’s financial status and standing in regards with budgeted figures.

A successful accountant resume should emphasize on the candidates experience in his domain, his skills at book keeping and managing large company accounts as well as maintaining the company financials in perfect order. The accountant resume example must also include the candidate’s personal information, education, work experience and key achievements. The candidate’s key achievements are very important in an accountant resume, as it tells the employer how beneficial the candidate can be for the company by helping in saving the company’s money.

When drafting a accountant resume format, one must ensure that you focus on the candidates experience, educational qualifications and certifications, this helps establish the candidate as a subject matter expert in his field and will help improve the candidates chances of getting a great job. An accountant resume must also include information pertaining to the candidate’s personal information.

These tips will help you draft a professional looking profile:

  • Start the resume with a header, this section should include a eye catching resume title, the header is a very important part of the resume as it is the first thing that an employer or recruiter sees on your profile.
  • The candidates contact information should be placed right at the top of the resume; this section would include the candidates name, updated contact address and contact number. The contact details can at the center or at the top right corner of the resume.
  • The work experience details should be mentioned on the accountant resume in detail. One must include date of joining each organization, roles and responsibilities, date of leaving and the organization name here.
  • Education section should have the candidate’s degrees, diplomas and other educational qualifications. One can also include certifications, trainings etc here. Ensure that you mention the institution, school or college form where you completed your course, the dates of completion etc.
  • Accountants resume needs to include the licenses that the accountant holds along with dates of receiving the license.
  • Ensure that you mention your affiliations with various accounting bodies and associations on the resume.
  • The resume must end with a strong reference section, which includes professional and personal references.


Here we take a look at some accountant resume samples that have been drafted to highlight the candidate’s skills, knowledge, experience and expertise in the domain of accountancy. These accountant sample resume will serve as an invaluable resource when you decide on applying for job, and when you want to create your resume. You can download these accountant resume templates listed below which will help you to write an effective and impressive profile that highlights your skills, expertise and qualities to an employer.

Some Common Formats for Accounting Resume Samples given below:

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