A CPA or a certified public accountant is an accounting professional who is responsible for carrying out various functions like performing audits, checking and preparing financial reports, pointing out discrepancies and having them rectified along with more generic accounting tasks like financial planning, budgeting and book keeping. A CPA plays a very important role in an organization and there has been a steady rise in the demand for well qualified and experienced certified public accountants. One of the first and foremost steps that a job seeker needs to do before applying for a job is to have a professional CPA resume drafted. A well drafted and professional CPA resume not only highlights the candidates skills, experience and knowledge, but showcases his key skills expertise in  the domain, acumen as a certified accountant and helps portray a profile of a candidate who holds all required qualities that employers would like to see in a candidate when short listing job applications for the post.

A CPA is a highly skilled professional who is required to have in-depth knowledge of accountancy, should be able to gauge the company’s financial status be reviewing the financial records and should have the required qualifications. The job of a certified public accountant is both a high paying and highly competitive job, where many applicants vie for the position. This makes it all the more important that your CPA resume has the ability to showcase your key skills and expertise as an accountant to the employers and should be able to help you stand out from among other job hunters and help  you get noticed by recruiting staff.

Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the main responsibilities of the CPA include auditing companies financial records, computing company taxes, budget and financial management, checking financial records, books and statements for accuracy of accounting data, provide financial expertise in terms of policy making and strategies, provide inputs on cost optimization and improved profitability etc. Employers prefer to select candidates who have a bachelors or masters degree in finance and accounts for the post of certified public accountant. Candidates are also required by law to pass the CPA exam in order to work with an organization as a CPA. The candidate should also have a keen eye for detail, be good at math and computing numbers, data analysis etc. When writing your CPA resume adding these points to the resume will give you a definitive advantage over other job seekers who may be equally qualified or may have the same qualifications as you by making you stand apart, thus grabbing the attention of hiring managers.


Here we have some professionally drafted CPA resume that highlight the candidate’s skills, knowledge and expertise as a certified public accountant. These sample resumes have been written focusing on the skills that employers look for when short listing candidates for the job. You can give your accounting career a head start over the other job seekers and learn how to write the best professional looking cpa resume by using these samples as guideline or as a reference tool.

Browse through our samples given below:

CPA Resume Sample 1

CPA Resume Sample 2

CPA Resume Sample 3

CPA Resume Sample 4

CPA Resume Sample 5

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