Entry Level Accountant

An entry level accountant is an accounting professional who has completed his or her education and is set to enter the financial industry. An entry level accountant resume is the perfect marketing tool that a candidate can use to get a foot hold in the industry and make a mark for himself of herself. Getting a good job in the accounting and financial industry can be very challenging for a fresh graduate just out of college and a great professional resume can be an added advantage that will help the candidate find a suitable job. The job of an entry level accountant includes, data analysis, maintaining and recording financial data, drawing interpretations and conclusions by analyzing the data and presenting this data to the organizations management. The candidate is required to possess in-depth knowledge of various accounting processes and procedures, should have a good understanding of accounting principles and should be able to practically apply these theories in a working environment.

When drafting a resume for an entry level accountant, one must be able to focus on or highlight the candidate’s knowledge and skills that the candidate possesses. The candidate needs to choose a functional resume rather than a chronological resume that helps the candidate emphasizes on the candidates educational accomplishments and achievements to balance out the candidates lack of professional experience. Here we have a few useful tips that will help you draft the perfect entry level accountant resume that will help you leverage you knowledge of accountancy and balance out your lack of experience to create a profile that appeals to employers.

 Resume writing tips for entry level accountant

  • Before you set out to write your resume you need to list down the details that you would want to include in your profile.
  • Contact Information: this section of your resume should include your name, address and contact number that employers can use to contact you for an interview.
  • Objective statement:- a fresher resume should have an objective statement that is short and crisp. It should include the job you wish to apply for, and your key skills and a career goal.
  • Skills:- Key skills play a very vital role in an entry level accountant resume, these skills helps you highlight the skills you possess which make you an ideal candidate for the job, adding generic skills like communication skills, leadership qualities, and skills pertaining to the field can be of added advantage when looking for a job.
  • Make a list of thing you wish to include and highlight in your resume. Your resume should include sections like contact information, job objective, skills and achievements, professional experience or internship experience, academic details and references.
  • Professional expertise:- through you may lack in experience, you can showcase your expertise in accountancy by highlighting your knowledge of the field, proficiency in using computer applications like accounting software and proficiency in book keeping etc.
  • Education: highlight your degrees, diplomas, trainings and certifications that make you a subject matter expert in the field. You can also highlight your internship if you have worked as an accounting intern, this will add weight age to your resume.


Following these simple tips will help you transform your entry level resume in to a winning one. You can also refer to the sample entry level accountant resume that we have given here and use these sample resumes as a guideline when applying for a job. These entry level accountant sample resumes will help you create an effective resume that is optimized to help you land a dream job with a reputed company.

Refer to our Entry Level Accountant Sample Resumes given below:

Entry Level Accountant Sample Resume 1

Entry Level Accountant Sample Resume 2

Entry Level Accountant Sample Resume 3

Entry Level Accountant Sample Resume 4

Entry Level Accountant Sample Resume 5

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