General Accountant

A general accountant’s job is a very well paying and highly satisfying job. Job seekers looking to apply for the post of a general accountant with a reputed firm need to ensure that they are equipped with a great general accountant resume that will help them highlight their accounting skills, generic skills and knowledge of accountancy in a way that it catches the eye of an employer. There is tough competition for the role of a general accountant and having a resume that is professional and well written will help you create a profile that stands out amongst the other job seekers and will ensure that your resume lands on the tables of the hiring managers rather than being sidelined.

Job Description : A general accountant is an accounting professional who is responsible for evaluating financial and accounting records of the organization and who is responsible for analyzing and plotting the profit and loss information of the organization and presenting the reports to the management. A general accountant is required to look into various accounting discrepancies using accounting principles and techniques, compute the companies tax liabilities, manage accounting books and prepare accounting reports based on the accounting books like general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable along with carrying out periodic audits and checks on accounting processes in accordance to the accounting laws and company policies.

Key Skill: When drafting a general accountant resume, one needs to ensure that the resume highlights the skills and qualities that are required for the job. The general accountant should have very high proficiency in math, should be able to compute numbers and figures with ease, should have great written and oral communication skills, should be a team player who can handle high pressure situations, should have an impeccable track record and should be honest and sincere.


 Educational Requirement: Employers prefer to shortlist candidates for the job who have a general accountant resume that highlights the educational qualification of the candidate. A general accountant is a highly skilled professional and it is required that the candidate hold a degree or post graduate degree in accounting and finance, business administration or a field related to accounts and finance. Having a certification (CPA) is a definite advantage that will boost your prospects of landing a good job.

Here you will find a few sample resumes for the post of a general accountant. These sample resume shave been professionally written and highlight the key skills and competencies that a good general accountant resume must have in order to be able to capture the attention of employers. You can use these samples as a reference or guideline when drafting your resume and give your resume a definitive edge over the other job seekers.

Browse through the sample resumes given for this position below:

General Accountant Resume Sample 1

General Accountant Resume Sample 2

General Accountant Resume Sample 3

General Accountant Resume Sample 4

General Accountant Resume Sample 5

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