Junior Accountant

A junior accountant is an accounting professional who has recently entered this field and does not carry much work experience as an accountant. Junior accountants are often hired to assist or work as apprentices to a senior accountant or a staff accountant with various accounting tasks like entering financial and accounting data, calculations, analyzing financial records, data and reports, checking reports for data accuracy etc. The field of accounting is a highly competitive field, and getting a job as an accountant can be a challenging task unless you are equipped with a great junior accountant resume that can help you land a dream job.

A well drafted junior accountant resume must be able to balance out the candidate’s lack of experience by highlighting the candidate’s knowledge, accounting skills, generic skills, ability to learn and his or her ability to grow with the organization.

When drafting a resume for the post of a junior accountant following these simple tips will help you transform a plain and simple profile into an impressive and eye catching resume that can make employers take notice of your even though there may be hundreds of applicants for the job.

Tips for writing a great Junior Accountant Resume

An employer knows that when hiring a fresher or a junior accountant, the candidate would not have any or much experience in accounting. So how do you create a profile that will grab the attention of a hiring manager or an account manager? We have listed a few must haves on your resume that will greatly improve you employability as an accountant.

Right Attitude: You need to show the employers that what you lack in professional experience you make up with the right attitude. Your resume should show that you are an enthusiastic and positive person. A great way of portraying this is by adding affiliations to various varsity clubs, fraternities or sororities.

Quick Learner:  When hiring for the post of a junior accountant, recruiters look for candidates who can learn the job fast. You can show that you are a fast learner by highlighting your academic achievements, your grades, scores, examinations that you have given, projects that you participated in etc. You can also highlight scholarships, grants or awards that you got during your education.

Languages known: It is an added advantage if you know multiple languages; many organizations have a global presence and knowing various languages can be a big advantage that you may have over another candidate.

Resume format: Use a resume format that will highlight your skills, achievements and academics rather than bring to the forefront your lack of experience. You need to choose a format that has a strong  objective statement, and a strong educational section.


You can refer to the junior accountant sample resumes that we have given here. These sample resume will act as a guide whenever you want to create your resume and will help give your profile a professional look.  You can highlight your qualifications skills, academics and achievements by using this sample as a guideline. This sample will prove to be highly effective in making employers notice you and call you for an interview.

Browse through these Junior Accountant Sample Resume given below:

Junior Accountant Resume Sample 1

Junior Accountant Resume Sample 2

Junior Accountant Resume Sample 3

Junior Accountant Resume Sample 4

Junior Accountant Resume Sample 5

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