An actress is a female acting professional who acts in theatre, plays, movies or television series. The competition amongst actresses is very tough and getting a good role in a theatre production, a good movie or a television series is not easy. In fact getting a good role can be almost impossible if you are not equipped with a good actress resume. An actress resume is very similar to an actor resume, however the parameters on which an actor is judged is very different from an actress, and this is where an actress resume differs.  Before writing an actress resume it is very important that the professional keep a few pointers in mind to ensure that her resume is able to leverage her acting skills and experience. An actress needs to be able to first understand the market and the type of roles that she is targeting, she is also required to take into consideration the competition that she would face when applying for these roles and who is her competition.  Here we have a few resume writing tips for an actress resume that you can use to create a resume that will help you impress directors.

Resume writing tips

  • Skills: When drafting your resume for the role of an actress, it is very important that you focus on the skills that you possess, the job of an actress is to play out various roles and this requires varied skills, highlighting your keys skills as an actress will help directors and casting directors better understand your profile. Skills like singing skills, dancing; ballet can be an added advantage.
  • Experience: The acting resume for an actress must highlight the candidates past experience. The best way of highlighting your experience as an actress is to list down your various acting projects that you did in the past; however one must ensure that the experience section is broken down further into various sections depending on the type of medium and audience, for e.g. Roles played out in movies should be categorized under movies, roles in theatre would be under theatre and roles in TV series would be under Television. Breaking up your experience in this way not only gives your actress resume structure, but also makes it easier for employers to better read your resume.
  • Type of actress: When drafting your resume, an actress must be very clear of her physical type and reactive type, the physical type is how you look in real life and the type of roles that people can imagine you doing when they review your headshots. The actresses reactive type is the type of roles that she would like to play in a movie or television series. Bases on these types the actress can draw up her resume more effectively.


Based on these pointers, an actress can create a resume that will help highlight her acting skills and acumen.

In this section we have a few sample actress resumes that one can refer to while creating a perfect resume that will help you get your dream role, these sample resumes have been written keeping in mind the skills and qualities that an actress should have and will help create a role winning resume. Download these free samples and give your actress career a boost.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

Actress Resume Sample 1

Actress Resume Sample 2

Actress Resume Sample 3

Actress Resume Sample 4

Actress Resume Sample 5

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