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A beginner actor resume is something that every fresher or beginner actor must have before they embark on their journey of setting up an acting career. A beginner actor resume is just as important as the actor’s headshot portfolio and should be able to complement the actors skills and talent while it helps overcome the disadvantage of the lack of experience by the actor. A well drafted beginners acting resume will not only help the candidate impress directors it also helps improve the candidates chances of landing an audition and the possibility of getting a role in a major production.

Acting resumes are different from other professional profiles and candidates need to pay special attention to what they include in their beginner profile to ensure that it is impressive. The main focus of your resume should be your skills and talent, education and various trainings or workshops that you have attended. Here we have a few resume writing tips for beginners along with a few sample resumes that you can choose from.

Resume tips:

  • Header: Your resume is the first impression you create on someone, At the top of the resume you need to include your name, contact address and number. Ensure that you highlight your name by using a large and bold font.
  • Skills: Here you need to add skills that you possess and which will help you catch the attention of a reader, add skills like dancing, singing, knowledge of musical instruments, languages known, voice over skills etc.
  • Education and Training: in this section one needs to add the educational and academic qualifications like degree, diploma or post graduate degree. You should also include the candidate’s trainings, workshops and certifications gained that will help the candidate better his or her acting skills.
  • Experience: Even though the candidate is a fresher, he or she may have acted in a few plays, played minor roles or could have acted in a Television show or commercial, this information needs to be included here. This would help the actor create a profile that’s shows his or her talent to the director.


You can follow these simple tips to ensure that your beginner actor resume is professional and impressive. These resume tips will ensure that your profile is unique and stands out amongst the competition thus improving your chances of getting a call for an audition. Here we have a few sample resume that will help you write a great beginner resume that will get you the required exposure and help you get a role. Give your acting career a boost by using our resume templates.

Browse through the samples given below:

Resume for Beginner Actor Sample 1

Resume for Beginner Actor Sample 2

Resume for Beginner Actor Sample 3

Resume for Beginner Actor Sample 4

Resume for Beginner Actor Sample 5

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