Executive Administrative Assistant

To get a dream job as an executive administrative assistant, you need to equip yourself with the right executive administrative assistant resume. An executive administrative assistant’s job is slightly different from an administrative assistant’s job as this professional works for one or more executive officers in an office or an organization, and is responsible for carrying out tasks like correspondence, preparing reports, maintaining minutes of meetings, scheduling appointments and meetings, handling the daily schedule of the executive, arranging travel plans for the executive as well as for clients etc. An executive administrative assistant may also be empowered by the management to make decisions that affect the organization in absence of the executive or on the executive officers behalf, and is also required at times to represent the executive officer during meetings.

While drafting an your resume, one needs to give a lot of thought and time and ensure that your resume focuses on the key skills and qualities that the job requires.

An executive administrative assistant resume must focus on the persons past experience, expertise in the job as well as highlight skills like good communication, management skills, decision making skills etc. Here we have some resume tips that you may find useful.

  • One should start the resume with the personal information section right at the top; this would include your name, contact address and other contact information.
  • Next on your profile, you need to add your resume objective. An objective must be short, crisp and precise.
  • You need to highlight your work experience on you executive administrative assistant resume. This section of your resume format must be in reverse chronological order, focusing on the roles and responsibilities that you help for each job. You need to specify the organizations name along with the joining date and last working day in this section of your profile.
  • The next section of your profile should be your educational qualifications. Here you should include the name of the degree or diploma, the school, college or institute’s name from where you earned your degree or diploma along with the year. You can also add any training that you undertook to prepare for the role.
  • The final section of your resume format should be the reference section. The reference section plays a very important role in your profile and it is advisable to have the names and contact information of your previous supervisors/ employers mentioned here.


In this section we have a few executive administrative assistant sample resume that highlight the candidate’s skills, expertise and experience, this information is valuable and helps grab the attention of an employer. These executive administrative assistant resume examples have been written by a professional writer and will help you stay ahead of the competition whenever you plan on applying for a job.

You can use this example of an executive administrative assistant resume template as a reference or download the templates that have been given here to add a professional touch to your profile; these sample resumes have been written by professional writers and are sure to add a boost to your career.

Some Common Formats for Education Administrative Assistant Sample Resume are given below: