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The field of architecture is vast, and one of the career opportunities that people have in this field is that of landscape architecture. A landscape architect is a professional who is responsible for creating and designing landscapes, design open spaces in buildings malls or gardens and help create a aesthetic environment for people. People interested in this field need to ensure that they have a great landscape architect resume that will help them get a good job. A resume that is written using a professional format will not only highlight the person’s skills and qualities, it also helps employers get a glimpse of the candidate’s talent and finer aspects of the person’s profile. Here we take a look at some valuable information in regards with this profession. The information provided here about landscape architecture will help candidates get a better understanding of the job and also help them write a resume that includes the key skills and requirements.

Job Description:  A landscape architect is a professional who is responsible for designing and creating landscapes, both indoors and outdoors.  The person is responsible for creating and designing an environment that is pleasing to people, they are required to create designs for parks, gardens, housing projects, estates, city centers, shopping malls and complexes, industrial areas, offices etc. The person is required to create the design and then coordinate closely with contractors, architects, and planners etc to get the plan implemented. The person is also required to assist the client by surveying the site, determining the feasibility of the project, providing cost estimates, presenting proposals and determining the client’s needs.

Skills Requirement: Candidates interested in the job need to have skills that include good communication, technical skills, creative flair, drawing skills, good knowledge of engineering, architecture and environmental science, team player, good computer skills, good negotiation skills, motivated, positive and should be hardworking.

Educational Requirement: Candidates interested in gaining employment in this field need to have an accredited degree in landscape architecture or need to complete a vocational course in the field. Candidates also need to pass the landscape institutes examination to be able to work in this field. Alternatively candidates having completed their graduation in a different stream can complete their post graduation in landscape architecture to apply for the job.


Here we have a few sample landscape architect resumes that have been created by professional resume writers with vast experience in this field. These sample resumes have been created keeping in mind the key skills and qualities that a good profile should have in order to be able to grab the attention of the employer. These samples can be used as a reference point or you can edit and customize these samples to help give your career a professional touch and boost your chances of getting a job.

Refer to the sample resumes given here:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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