Senior Architect

An architect’s job is to create concepts and designs in accordance with the requirements put up by clients.  The person is required to create designs based on clients requirements, needs, practical considerations and the aesthetic point of view.  A senior architect is a person who has been employed or has been in this profession for a considerable period and has gained immense experience and expertise in the field of architecture. Getting a job as a senior architect can be hard and one need a great senior architect resume to help him or her showcase the skills and talent that the candidate processes. A well drafted resume for a senior architect can do wonders for ones career and can even give you the career breakthrough that one has been looking for so long. Here we take a look ta some important facts and details about the job that will help you create a professional resume that is in line with what employers are looking for in a good candidate.

Job Description:  The role of a senior architect includes heading a team of architects or architect interns and managing multiple projects, the professional is also required to interact with clients, understand their needs and develop designs and concepts and present them to the client. At times a senior professional may also be responsible for managing a particular department or a branch of the organization or may be running his or her own firm where they would have junior professional employed under them.

Skills Requirement:  The key skills that are needed for the job include good computer skills, good designing skills, eye for detail, good communication skills, great pr skills, people management skills, negotiation skills, resource management skills, sound knowledge of structural design and architecture,  project management skills etc.

Educational Requirements: Candidates who wish to apply for the job of a senior architect need to ensure that they meet the educational requirements for the job, this includes having a bachelors degree in architecture or a post graduates degree in the relevant field, having successfully cleared the registration examination for architects and holding a valid license from the relevant licensing body.


In this section we have a few sample senior architect resumes that have been created keeping in mind the key skills and qualities that the person should have. These sample resumes focus on the person’s qualifications and his experience in the field of architecture that makes the candidate eligible for the job.

You can refer to these samples given here and learn how to write a great resume for a senior architect that will not only help you stand out amongst the competition when you apply for a job, it will help you grab the attention of recruiters and employers and will ensure that your job application gets the due consideration it should get from hiring managers. Use these samples to give your career a boost.

Browse through the sample resumes given below:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5

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