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A call center trainer is a profession who works with a call center and is responsible for training or teaching employees who have been employed to work as customer service representatives on how to handle customer queries and customer service skills. A job as a call center trainer is a high paying job with many added benefits, candidates seeking a job as a trainer in a call center need to be equipped with the right call center trainer resume that will help them highlight their skills and expertise in training people on skills like customer service, soft skills etc.

A call center trainer plays a very vital role in an organization as they specialize in imparting knowledge to new hire customer service representatives on aspects of phone etiquettes, soft skills, product knowledge and how to operate equipment like phones and software etc. The trainer is responsible that the employees get a thorough knowledge of these aspects of the job before they can handle customer queries. When drafting a call center trainer resume candidates should ensure that they highlight their training skills and abilities, experience as trainers, proficiency in adapting to changes, ability to drive change, soft skills etc that are very important for the job. Below we have listed a few criteria that can help you optimize your call center trainer resume and ensure that your resume outshines the competition when you apply for the job.

Skills: A call center trainer should have impeccable communication skills, this includes both written and oral communication, and the candidate should be positive, upbeat and highly energetic, while being well organized. These skills are very important as trainers need to teach employees of the organization and they need to have the ability to ensure that they can capture the attention of the employee through the training period. The trainer also should be highly skilled in computers, should be good at maths and should possess a certain level of technical knowledge.


Educational requirements: A call center trainer does not require having a graduate degree, most organizations look for a minimum of a high school diploma in candidates. However having a college degree will definitely add weight age to your call center trainer resume. In addition to a degree or diploma, having undergone various trainings or workshops specific to improving one skill as a trainer will be an added benefit.

Professional Experience: While many trainers are internally promoted from the post of a customer service representative to that of a trainer, having prior training experience or a teaching experience is a great benefit when one applies for the post of a trainer in a call center.

Here we have a few sample call center trainer resumes that have been drafted by specialists, keeping in mind the core skills and qualities that are required for the job. These are the skills that employers look for in candidates that they wish to hire. You can give your career a boost by using these sample resumes which will help you stand out amongst the competition and help you get your profile noticed by recruiting staff when you apply for the job.

Browse through the Sample Resumes given below:

Call Center Trainer Resume 1

Call Center Trainer Resume 2

Call Center Trainer Resume 3

Call Center Trainer Resume 4

Call Center Trainer Resume 5

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