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If you are planning on applying for the role of a customer service manager at a call center, you need a strong customer service manager resume that will help you achieve your goal.A customer service manager or call center manager is managerial professional who is responsible for the performance of his or her department and the quality of service provided to the customers. The customer service manager at a call center is responsible for interacting with various departments to ensure the smooth functioning of operations of that particular department. The primary focus of the call center manager is to ensure that customers who call in to the contact center are taken care of and their needs fulfilled. The manager is also responsible for assisting in creating a robust customer service policy that will help the organization achieve its goals.

A call center manager is responsible for managing a team of supervisors or team leaders and customer service representatives or call center agents.

 Job Description: The role of a customer service manager may vary from one organization to another, however the primary responsibility of the professional is to ensure that customers needs are taken care of and they are provided with the best service and satisfaction. A manager is required to understand the needs of customers who call in to his or her contact center and are required to create strategies and plans based on the customers’ needs. The manager is also required to be a good and able peoples manager who is able to handle people related issues and provide a solution to them. They are also responsible for looking after recruitment of employees, looking into the training needs of his or her department and are responsible for the quality standards and over all performance of the department.


Skills required: When drafting a customer service manager resume, one needs to ensure that the candidates skills match the job requirement and are highlighted to add more weight age to the resume. Some of the most important skills required for the job include, good written and oral communication skills, good interpersonal skills, good people managements skills, strategizing and analyzing data, proficiency in the use of computers, positive and motivated, excellent leadership skills and should be able to drive change.

Educational requirements: Most organizations looking for a candidate for the post of a customer service manager, prefer to hire candidates with a college graduation degree, however having a post graduation degree in business management is a definite advantage wand will help the candidate grow in the organization. Additionally having completed certifications and undergone trainings like project management, six sigma etc will help the candidate’s prospects in getting a job.

Here we have the perfect customer service manager sample resume that will help you kick start your career. This sample resume has been written by a professional resume writer and highlights the candidates skills at people management, resource management and as well as his expertise in customer service that are required for the job, and which employers look for in a candidate. You can download this sample resume or refer to it to help you learn how to draft the perfect resume when applying for a job. This resume is sure to give you a professional edge over your competition and will ensure that your career gets a boost.

Refer to these Sample Resume given below:

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