Inbound Call Center Agent

An Inbound call center agent, or a call center voice agent is primarily responsible for providing customer service to customers who call into the call center with queries and questions regarding a product or service. The inbound voice call center agent is required to assist the customer with these questions and ensure that the customers queries have been answered.

A voice agent or call center voice agent needs to ensure that the customer service provided is of the highest standards and that the customer should not have to call up again for the same query.

Some of the skills required for an inbound voice agent are, great customer service skills, patience, dedication and great communication skills.


In this section we have a few sample resumes for inbound call center agent that have been written by a professional resume writer, keeping in mind the skills that are necessary for a call center voice agents job.  You can download these call center agent sample resumes and customize them to suit your profile. These resumes  will help give your career a boost and give your resume a professional touch.

Some Common Formats for Inbound Call Center Agent Resume are given below:

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