Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is one of the most important specializations that are available to engineering professionals today; many students are looking at this profession as a very lucrative job option as there is a growing demand for good and well trained engineers. Having a well written civil engineer resume can be a great advantage and an added benefit for a job seeker looking for a job in this field. A well written civil engineer resume will not only help highlight the candidate’s skills and acumen it also focuses on the key achievements that the candidate has made in his or her career.

A civil engineer is a trained engineering professional who works with a construction company and is required to be there at the construction sites acting as a liaison between engineers, clients, contractors and the management. The engineering professional is required to have in depth knowledge about building designs, structural designs, construction etc and should have excellent client interaction, communication and people management skills along with an in dept knowledge e on his or her field. The civil engineers are also required to work on complex engineering tools and should be well versed with the latest engineering techniques that are used at construction sites. When drafting a resume for a civil engineer, one needs to keep a few points in mind. Refer to these simple tips to optimize your resume.

  • The engineer’s position requires a lot of specialized skills and knowledge of the domain, these skills, experience and qualification need to be highlighted on the candidates resume so as to create a profile that portrays the candidate as a specialist.
  • The work experience section of the candidate needs to be listed in a reverse chronological order, always have the experience shown before the candidate’s educational qualifications and this section should give details about each role held by the candidate.
  • Always list career accomplishments, achievements and also list down various projects that you have worked on.


Here we have a sample resume for a Civil engineer. This resume sample has been written keeping these key points in mind and helps highlight the candidate’s educational qualifications that make him eligible for the job. The resume also helps highlight the candidate’s accomplishments in the desired field as well as provides details about the persons past work experience and helps create a profile that is capable of impressing employers and recruiting staff.

You can download this sample resume and edit it to suit your profile.  The resume template that has been given here will help you get an edge over the competition and help you boost your chances of landing a job

Refer to the sample resumes given here:

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