A CFO’s post is a very challenging position in the corporate world. The CFO is mainly responsible for planning, implementing, managing and controlling the financial activities of the company. A CFO has to report directly to the president or chief executive of the company. A CFO job is very complex as the candidate should be able to project the long-term financial picture of the company, and how the company the will prosper based on the current business plans that have been implemented.

A CFO resume must be written in a very professional way to match the candidates profile and to impress a future employer. The resume of a cfo, should present the employee in such a way that it proves your abilities and capabilities to suit for the post of CFO. Just like a portfolio your CFO resume should speak about your personality and achievements to handle any sort of work pressure in an organization. Your CFO resume should list down interpersonal skills, communication skill with the staff in the organization, make timely decisions, creative and problem solving skills with good computer knowledge required being a good CFO.


Education and experience also plays a vital role to choose a bright candidate with good knowledge. Your list of achievements also helps the employer to figure out your performances in the past job.

If you are a job seeker waiting for the right opportunity for the post of CFO, our sample cfo resume will guide you through the requirements and skills required to create a great CFO resume and apply for the position in a company. You can download these free CFO Resume samples given here and use them as a guideline while drafting your resume.

Some Common Formats for CFO Resume are given below:

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