Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is a multibillion dollar industry that offers numerous jobs opportunities worldwide. Hospitality industry jobs are tough jobs as they require lot of patience and customer centric skills. The companies tend to build their reputation by treating and serving their customers well, this is the reason hospitality jobs require different skills than other jobs in the market.

Employers look for candidates who can demonstrate exceptional commitment and service to their customers. A candidate is expected to meet and greet various customers and being comfortable dealing with them. Most of the employers need candidates who are friendly, polite, good team members, good personality and willing to be flexible in working patterns.

Hospitality jobs are not limited to hotels but it includes tourism, airlines, shopping malls, restaurants and many more. When drafting a hospitality resume, one must provide your previous experiences, your objectives in training, general objectives, educational qualifications, achievements, hobbies and other activities that might interest the recruiter to call you for an interview. Here are some of the tips you can follow to write an effective hospitality industry resume.

Personal details:-Make sure you include your correct address, telephone and email details. You can skip adding your date of birth; nationality or origins.

Personal statement:- Always concentrate on what you can offer the company, with your skills and experience. List down some of the voluntary work done or community projects.

Skills:-This is very important section in your hospitality resume as it enables an employer to give you right job profile matching your skills. You may include software knowledge, different languages known or any leadership quality in the organization. Typing skills or cash counting specialization can also be added in this section.

Career history:-Emphasize on your past experiences in the same field with name of the company, date of the tenure, place and responsibilities. You can use bullet points to highlight your responsibilities. Always write in reverse chronological order i.e. starting with the recent ones followed by others.

Education and training:-Write down all the degrees, passing year and marks you have obtained in your schooling. Since you’ll be dealing with the public for most jobs in hospitality, you can stress upon fist aid courses if you have attended any in your past carrier. Add relevant trainings attended in your past caeer history to add positive points to your resume.

References:-A simple ‘references available on request’ will be sufficient to be mentioned in your hospitality resume template.

Once you are done with writing your hospitality resume crosscheck the resume several times to avoid mistakes. If you will follow these instructions I am confident that you will lend up with your dream job.

Refer to the various Sample resumes provided below for various professions in this industry: