Information Technology

Over the last few decades we have seen an unprecedented boom in the Information Technology sector. Along with this boom and steady growth that this sector has seen we see more an increase in the number of Information Technology professionals that are required. This requirement for the right candidate is going to continue taking into consideration that our lives has slowly started revolving around technology.

However along with this boom in the Information technology sector we also see that a large number of college graduates now have started opting for an information technology job. This has resulted in stiff competition for vacancies and also results in companies going in for the best candidate that is available.

Today if you want a good IT job you need to ensure that you have a great IT resume to start with. A great Information technology resume will help you get noticed by the hiring manager and give you a chance to getting called for an interview.

When drafting an information technology resume, you need to keep a few points in mind:-

  • Your IT resume must have an effective technical summary that highlights your technical skills. This helps the hiring manager to briefly gauge your skills and knowledge.
  • Your Technical resume must have an effective career summary; your career summary must not only include information about your career, but should also include information about other skills like interpersonal skills, communication and soft skills. Including these skills in your career summary gives a hiring manager a complete perspective about your profile.
  • Your resume should highlight your achievement in the technical field.
  • The experience section of your resume mist include each position that you have held in the field and should give a brief summary about each job and the roles and responsibilities held in that position.
  • You should also focus on the projects that you have worked on and the success rate for your projects, whether they were completed on time etc.

By highlighting and following these simple point, you can ensure that your technical resume give a picture that you are the right candidate for the job, making your resume more appealing to a hiring manager. You should also ensure that you customize your resume as per the requirements of the hiring company.

In this section we have various Information Technology and computer technology resumes that you can use to give your career a boost.

Below you will find various Information Technology Sample Resumes for various Information Technology professions