An actuary is a professional who works for an insurance company and who is primarily responsible for analyzing the financial risk and consequences of the risk for the insurer. While actuaries may mostly be seen working for insurance firms, they also work for large organizations, government bodies and investment companies. The job of an actuary is a highly specialized one that requires a lot of knowledge and skill.  Candidates who plan on applying for the job of an actuary need to ensure that they have a well drafted actuary resume that can highlight the qualities, skills and most of all expertise in the right way.

The job of an actuary requires specialization, however there are many benefits linked with this professional like very good salaries, great work environment and job satisfaction. Actuary has been rated as one of the top three jobs by jobs almanac. This and the specialization required causes high competition amongst job seekers for the job, while employers look for the best candidate for the job. All this makes it very important that your actuary resume be a professional one that will help you stand out amongst the competitors, and give your profile the due consideration it should get from hiring managers when you send in a job application.

When drafting a resume, you can follow these simple tips to help optimize your profile and give it a professional touch.

  • Format: The resume format that you use for your actuary resume plays a very critical role in helping you get a professional profile that is unique. You need to ensure that your profile is short, not more than two pages. You can make your resume stand out by adding a logo, your photograph or using different stationery like off white or beige colored stationery.
  • Professional Experience: When adding your experience, one must list down all previously held jobs along with roles and responsibilities associated with each job. Add your internships and trainings undergone with insurance companies or actuary firms.
  • Skills: list your skills like organizational, written and oral communication, leadership skills, computer skills etc.
  • Proof read your resume to ensure that it is free of typos and grammatical errors, a resume is your first impression on an employers and a profile with errors can give a negative picture to the employers.


Here we have a few sample actuary resume that you can refer to while creating your profile. These sample resume have been written by a professional and highlight the candidates core skills and competencies that make him a perfect fit for the job. You can boost your career prospects by using this sample as a guideline and impress employers with your skills and qualities.

Browse through our sample resumes given here:

Actuary Resume Sample 1

Actuary Resume Sample 2

Actuary Resume Sample 3

Actuary Resume Sample 4

Actuary Resume Sample 5

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