Writing a resume for a media professional is as simple as writing a resume for any other job position. A media resume must sell you to the respective employer and compete with other candidates in the market. This statement means that your media resume must be highly professional, clear and should indicate that you are the right candidate for the job. It should depict that you posses all the qualities that the employer is seeking. The way you represent a media resume will demonstrate your abilities to communicate and writing skills.

People interested in working with the Media sectors such as journalism, communication, public relation, newspaper and television should have a resume that shows their experience and background. Start your media resume with the introduction which include your name, address, contact number and email id.

Mention the resume objective in short and precise way indicating your career plans. Do not use long sentences in the objectives. Make a list of all earlier and recent media experiences and position held in the organization. Emphasize the responsibilities in the bullet form to make it easily visible to the employer .Add your experiences in chronological fashion. The listed experience should be relevant. Include jobs and internships. Include the details of the company and the time spent in the same. Other jobs which are not related to the media field can also be added below with the responsibilities. This information can be titled as professional experience.

List out educational qualification and relevant courses attended in the past with the degrees and name of the institutions. List down awards and certificates or special achievements if you have received during schooling. Outline a section specifying media related skills .Communication, writing, typing, ability to transcribe, newspaper, organization and knowledge of computer programs can be included. These qualities will add positive approach towards your media resume. Use keywords while writing your media resume as it is easy to list your resume in the web search by identifying these keywords .They serve as primary tool to search your resume in the traffic.

Lastly list down some of the references .Some employer ask for the references to know you through the eyes of other people.

Some other tips you can consider while writing a media resume may include: Media resumes should be limited to a single page with single format. For most of the industries Associate Press style is used frequently in writing sample media resume. Have your media resume proof read by others to clarify the mistakes and correct them. Do not include salary requirements. Research the type of job you want and determine the skills and phrases used by the employer to and tailor your resume according to the employer’s request.

Writing media resume is an ongoing process .Keep these important points in mind and updates your resume according to the requirements of each job opening. This will help you to make an effective media resume with great qualities.

Below you will find various Media Sample Resumes for various Media, Advertising and Television professions