Certified Nurse Assistant Resume Sample 1

The first step that a job seeker looking for a job as a certified nurse assistant must do is get hold of a professional certified nurse assistant sample resume that he or she can refer to when creating a resume. A certified nurse assistant or CNA is a healthcare professional who works under the supervision of a RN and who is responsible for caring for patients.When applying for a certified nurse assistant job, you need a nurse resume that will help you beat the competition and stand out from the crowd.  This is very important as this field is highly competitive and many applicants would apply for these jobs.


A well drafted and strong certified nurse assistant sample resume highlights the core skills of the candidates that hospitals and medical centers look for when filling in a vacancy. Here we have a great format that will help you draft a killer resume that not only highlights your clinical experience and knowledge,  it also highlights the candidates compassionate nature that plays a very important part in the job.

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