Nurse Practitioner

To become a practitioner nurse one must first be a registered nurse, on completing a masters or doctoral degree, a registered nurse can become a practitioner nurse. Licenses for a practitioner nurse is provided by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, that issues licenses and certifies registered nurses to practice in specific locations. A practitioner nurses licenses include:, Psychiatry and Mental Health Practitioner, pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner , Acute Care Nurse Practitioner etc .

However just be getting certified as a practitioner nurse it is not enough, you also require a well drafted and skilfully written practitioner nurse resume.

With the competition in the practitioner nurse market heating up, it is becoming very important that your practitioner nurse resume stand out and draw attention to your profile.

A practitioner nurse resume must be written well and must be organized to give a professional look.

A practitioner nurse resume stands out from other nurse resume as they require a specific format. You must ensure that you use specific keywords that are applicable to the practitioner nurse job.


Here we have some sample practitioner nurse resumes that highlight the skill sets and qualities required for a good practitioner nurse. The resume samples that we have prepared for you will help you land that dream practitioner nurse job. You can download and customize our sample resume as per your requirements and to suit you profile.

Some Common Formats for Nurse Practitioner Resume are given below: