Nursing Assistant

A nursing assistant is a health care professional who is employed at a hospital or a medical center and who is primarily responsible for assisting a RN or registered nurse with caring for the patients. A nursing assistant is responsible for the care of the patients and their duties include taking care of the personal hygiene of the patient, feeding them, preparing the patients for a surgery etc. The nursing assistant is also required to check on the patient’s vital signs, monitor their physical progress and recording it for the doctor and assisting the doctors or RN with minor medical procedures. Candidates wanting to apply for the job need a nursing assistant resume that can highlight their skills and qualities and also help the candidate stand out in a crowd of job seekers and get noticed by recruiting staff.

A assistant to the nurse needs to have specialized skill and training, and once you have finished your training it is time to prepare your nurses assistant resume. A well written resume will help you land a dream job with a renowned hospital, clinic or health centre easily. It is advisable that you spend a considerable amount of time working on your resume so that you do not have something that is hurried and shoddy and which can hamper your prospects of getting a good job.

When creating a nurse’s assistant resume you should highlight information that will add weight age to your profile and lend credibility to it. It is very important to focus on your academic performance, your educational qualification, certifications that you have received in the field of nursing as well as how many hours of internship you have completed as a nurse’s assistant in your previous job or as an intern.


You should also focus on any special skills or area of expertise you have that gives you an edge in the nursing field. An assistant must have in-depth knowledge in his or her domain and these needs to be highlighted in your resume.

A nurses assistants resume must be brief and to the point, you can add any relevant work experience if you have any. You also need to ensure your resume has information pertaining to your contact information, personal information, a resume objective etc.

We have for you a few sample resumes for the post of a nursing assistant that you can refer to. These sample resumes are professionally written by expert writers and focus on the key skills and qualities that are required for a nurse’s assistant job, as well as the skills that are generally looked for by employers in a candidate when they hire someone. These samples also highlight the specific keywords that are required in a resume if it needs to be emailed or scanned and sent out.

You can use these sample resumes to come up with your own nurses assistants resume and to give your nurses assistant career a boost.

Refer to the sample resumes given below: