Pediatric Nurse

Writing a resume for a pediatric nurse is not difficult if you follow these simple tips given here.

A pediatric nurse is a nurse who cares for children and adolescents. A pediatric nurse is responsible for carrying out duties like conducting physical examinations for children, carrying out preliminary diagnosis as well as caring for the children and helping their families.


A pediatric nurse resume must focus on the skills, qualities and expertise that a person has to be a good pediatric nurse. These qualities include being able to work with small children, infants and toddlers, patience and a good knowledge of nursing.

For a good pediatric nurse’s resume, one must focus on the work experience section, giving details of all past work experiences as a nurse along with detailed job description in a reverse chronological order along with dates.

You should also emphasize on the educational qualification in your resume, giving details about your nursing degrees, diplomas, trainings, certifications and licences held.

Here we have a few sample pediatric nurse resume examples that you can refer to when writing your own resume. These resumes are written by professional writers and are created keeping in mind the skills required to be a good pediatric nurse.  You can download these sample resumes and edit them to suit your profile. These sample pediatric nurse resumes are created to give your nursing career a boost and give your resume a professional edge.

Some Common Formats for Pediatric Nurse Resume are given below: