RN Resume Sample 1

A RN( registered nurse) should have an effective RN sample resume that the candidate can refer to while drafting his or her professional profile. It is very important that you specify or focus on the skills and knowledge of the nursing field in your RN resume. When drafting your profile, one should lay stress on the clinical experience, internships, and the curriculum followed at the nursing school. This will help not only highlight your experience as a nurse, but will also help you highlight your knowledge as a RN in your resume.


Here we have a great RN nurse sample resume that you can refer to while drafting your profile. This document will help you create a great eye catching and influential resume and will help you make a great impression on recruiting managers and staff and leverage your chances of getting a job in a leading hospital or medical center. You can give your career a head start over the competition by either downloading and customizing this template or using it as a reference guideline when drafting your resume.

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