RN Resume Sample 2

A RN has excellent career prospects in the field of nursing, however to leverage the skills and experience of the RN, the candidate needs to have a great RN resume sample that can be used as a guideline when preparing a nurse resume. A good RN resume must be able to effectively communicate to the reader the candidates experience at the same time it should also showcase the candidate’s accomplishments in his or her career and the knowledge that the candidate has and also what he or she has gained during their clinical experience.


Here we have a great RN resume sample that can either be downloaded or customized to fit your profile, or you can use it as a reference while drafting you profile. This template will help you create a professional looking and well polished nurse resume that highlight the four dimensions of your profile: Scientific inquiry, practice, professional development and collaboration. You can give your career a boost by referring to this template and create an eye catching and impressive resume that will pave the way for a dream job.

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