A telemarketer is responsible for generating sales leads over the phone and passing them over to the sales team as well as carrying out a telephonic sales campaign for the company. A telemarketers job is a tough job, in comparison to direct sales where the sales representative contacts the clients and meets them in person, a telemarketer needs to rely on his convincing skills and sales pitch to ensure that he can convert a lead to a customer.


When drafting a telemarketer’s resume one must ensure that you highlight the skills that are required for a telemarketers job. These include good communication skills, good convincing skills, great rapport building skills etc.

In this section we have a sample telemarketer resume that has been written by a professional resume writer and which focuses on the skills and experience of the telemarketer. This resume sample is sure to give your career a head start over the competition and help your telemarketer resume get a professional touch.

Download these sample resume templates and give your career a boost.

Some Common Formats for Telemarketer Resume are given below:


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