A student’s life is full of accomplishments and milestones that they have to cross on their journey through school and college. A student’s academic accomplishments are very important as they play a vital role in helping the person in getting admitted into a renowned school or college. When a pupil applies for a renowned and reputable college or school their prior accomplishments form the base of their application. These accomplishments are also very useful when they have to apply for a scholarship. Writing these accomplishments down in chronological order is very important for a student; this is where a student’s resume comes in handy. A well drafted student profile or resume will not only help highlight the pupils academic accomplishments, it also helps the reader to get a better perspective of the candidates profile at a glance. Writing a resume for a student can be a tricky task unless you are equipped with all the relevant information and have a great format that helps the student get a professional resume that is effective.

A student resume helps the student highlight their accomplishments and academic achievements along with other extracurricular activities and any part time experiences. When drafting a student profile, a few simple steps will ensure that your document has what is needed to get you into a top notch institution. Lets look at some useful resume tips for a student profile.

A student resume must have the following sections

Academic achievement and qualifications:- The resume must list in chronological order the students school or college attended, date of graduation, GPA, any major tests that the student may have attempted and the score and any achievements.

Work Experience:- most of the time a student may have gained some work experience through part time jobs, this experience must be listed down on the student profile along with dates.

Extracurricular Activities:- It is important one lists down the students extracurricular activities and interests, this will help make your resume stand out amongst other student profiles.

Accolades:- List all the awards, achievements and accolades that you have earned on your resume.

 Memberships and affiliations:-  Your student resume must list your affiliations and memberships with associations, clubs and various bodies.

Personal Information:- This section must contain information about yourself, family and any personal traits that you may want to include.

Adding these sections into your student resume will ensure that your resume gets an edge over the competition and help you highlight and focus on your accomplishments and key academic events in your life as a student.

In this section we will take a look at various student resume that you can use to help give you the required boost to your student career.

Below you will find various Sample Resumes for various Student positions