Graduate Student

A graduate student is some on who has just completed his or her graduation and is either looking for a job or looking to secure an admission into a college or university that offers post graduate courses. While a graduate student resume may not have much to say about the persons work and professional experience other than a few part time jobs that the student held while he or she was in college, the student resume must pay more attention and focus on the students academics and education.


It is very important that a graduate student resume highlight the persons academic qualification, knowledge, and specializations. The student resume must also highlight the persons academic achievements, accolades and awards received and any honors that he or she has received during the pursuit of education.

Here we have a sample graduate student resume that highlights the persons academic qualifications and also gives details about his past work experience. You can use this graduate student resume sample as a guideline or template when you are drafting your own student resume. This graduate student resume will help you get a head start over the competition and give your career a kick start.

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