Student Intern

A student intern is a student who is perusing his or her studies and is required to complete a required amount of hours working and learning about the job. A student intern resume helps students who are looking for an internship to apply for the job and be able to impress employers with their skills and knowledge, thereby improving their chances of getting the job. A student internship is a very important part of most professional courses, where the student learns ab0out the job while gaining valuable experience that can help him or her in the future.

Writing a resume for a student internship can be a tough and challenging task, as many students are not sure what to include in the student intern resume, you can make this task much simpler by following these simple tips on how to write a great student internship resume.

Resume Tips

  • Contact information: When drafting a resume for a student, always start with your personal information, this includes the name, address and contact number.
  • Skills: This section of your resume must highlight the candidate’s key skills and qualities that make him or her perfect for the job.
  • Education: This section should highlight you academic performance, the course details, school, academic excellence, honors, GPA scores etc. This helps employers see you as a person who is smart and intelligent.
  • Experience: even though you are creating a student intern resume, you can list down any part time or voluntary work that you have done in the past, ensure to give details about the roles and responsibilities held during each job.


Following these simple tips will help you create a great resume that will help you catch the eye of employers and help you get a good internship with a leading organization.

Here we have a few sample student intern resumes that have been created keeping in mind the key skills and qualities that employers look for in interns when they are hiring for the position. You can refer to these resumes and use them as a guideline when drafting your own resume. These sample resumes will help create a profile that is both effective in getting you a job and will help impress employers.

Brow through the sample resumes given below:

Student Intern Resume Sample 1

Student Intern Resume Sample 2

Student Intern Resume Sample 3

Student Intern Resume Sample 4

Student Intern Resume Sample 5

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