Maths Teacher

Maths Teacher Sample Resume

A person who is applying for the position of math teacher must have some prerequisite skills in place, this includes a proficiency in mathematics, the candidate must be either a graduate or post graduate science and preferable a masters in mathematics.

Along with the candidate being highly skilled in mathematics, he or she should also have additional skills that are a prerequisite for all teachers like being able to work with a varied group of children, passion for teaching, ability to work with children with learning disabilities etc.

A Math teachers resume must include these skills along with skills pertaining to maths. The Math teachers resume must be able to draw attention to itself and showcase the candidate as the correct candidate for the job.

We have lined up some sample math teacher resumes that you can use to create your own math teacher resume. You can use these sample resumes and edit them as per your requirement.


Some Common Formats for sample maths teachers resume are given below: