Professionals involved in Telecommunications job require special attention when it comes to writing their Telecommunications resumes. As we all know the telecommunication industry is a very dynamic industry, and this should reflect in a telecommunications resume. A successful telecommunications resume should impress hiring manager which will help you to land a great job.

When writing a great telecommunications resume, the following points should be kept in mind:-

Start your Telecommunications resume with your contact information placed on the top of the page which includes name, personal address, contact number and mailing address. Write your name in font that is bigger than the rest of the information.

After your contact information focus on a summary of qualification that spotlights your most impressive accomplishments, skills and experience. Your summary should define your capabilities to work in telecommunications job profile. It should be not more than two to three sentences.

Emphasize on your past work experiences with the name of the organization, address, duration of work and responsibilities. Use bullet for each task you performed in the past job. This section may include some points such as:

  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of wide area network and local area network
  • Maintaining various software and hardware systems
  • Handling radio transmissions and telephone calls
  • Handled tasks of recordings and preserving confidential messages

In the Professional achievements section you may include the trainings, campaigns worked on etc.

Next will be educational qualification which includes the degrees, school and date attended in your past. You can also brief about the certificates or special courses pertaining to the telecommunications field. This will help you to grab the attention of the employers. You can also add honors or awards won by you at school.

Lastly you can write about the references or you can state that references are available on request.

Some important points which people tend to miss while writing a telecommunications resume are as follows:

  • Prepare your resume in chronological order.
  • Use font Arial or Verdana between 9to 12 font size which seems to be very clear and easy to read.
  • Use action words and limit your resume to one or two pages at the maximum
  • Try not to use bold and italics in most of the parts while writing telecommunication resume
  • Use bullets when highlighting your skills on telecommunication resume
  • Target your resume towards telecommunication job that you are applying for

Below you will find various Telecommunications Sample Resumes for various Telecommunications professions