Career opportunities for banking professionals are usually abundant in the market. The banking sector is an industry which provides services to their clients for accepting deposits, processing loans and money transfer. A banker is responsible to review the client’s history and to advise them about the right solutions for the investment.  The banking industry offers different careers for interested candidates that include positions such as managers, credit officers, tellers, accountants and operational manager. No matter which banking job you are applying, a great banking resume is required to help you stand out among the competition and help you get an interview call. As it is said “your first impression will be your last impression”. Your banking resume will be your first impression to a future employer.. A banking resume should be written in an organized and precise way. As banking jobs require the highest level of organization to handle transactions, a well organized banking resume will show the candidates abilities to handle the task in a systematic way. Divide your resume in different sections using short paragraphs and bullet points required to easily scan your resume by the employer. Good mathematical knowledge is must seeking banking position.

Start your banking resume with your contact information like your name, address, mobile number and email address  .Always use big font size to highlight the information.

Resume Objective: Write your objective keeping the bank objectives in mind .State your passion for banking job with energy and enthusiasm for the business. Keep your objective brief and to the point. It should not be more than two to three lines.

Professional experience: Previous banking experience is very important to judge the required qualities for the bank. List down all the responsibilities you have handled in your previous banking job. Always write in bullet form to focus the main responsibilities.

Educational qualification: This section goes beneath the professional experience. Cite the collage and universities you have studied with the degrees and mark you have obtained in the academic year. You can also add   list of certificates and awards won during your schooling time.

Skills: There are some essential skills required for banking resume is listed below:

Communication skill: the success will depend upon the ability of the candidate to communicate with the clients and get the deals done. The candidature should have the ability to guide the client with the proper banking knowledge.

Mathematical skill: If the candidate is good in math than you can receive degree in higher technical field.

Team work: This ability will help you to pull people together to fulfill the yearly targets. This ability will help you to reward highly if you will get the business to the bank.

Accounting and writing: The most common   requirement in banking resume should be understanding accounts. As banking requires documenting loans and justifying written skills are equally important in the banking field. You can also add languages known in the same section.

Lastly add references of your teachers or previous employers if required. Positive letters from previous employer may help you to add plus points to your banking resume. Relevance must be your guide which will help you to decide what to include n your banking resume making it effective. Above guidelines will help you to be hired in banking industry with good impression.

Below you will find various Banking Sample Resumes for various Banking professions