Resume Objectives

Most of the times job seekers fail to pay attention to one of the most important sections of their resume, the resume objective.

A resume objective is important as a well written resume objective can tell a future employer that you are the right candidate for the job. A resume objective can also tell people that you are knowledgeable about the field you are applying for.

A well written resume objective is supposed to inform the reader what you want to achieve. Your resume objective must be precise, statement that tells the reader in a few words why you sent him your resume.

Tips to the perfect resume objective

Let’s look at how to write the perfect resume objective.

A resume objective is usually the second section of a resume. Your resume must start with a section that highlights your career achievements and highlights. This makes the reader interested in your resume and would compel the reader to read through your resume. There first section is responsible for convincing your resume reader that you have the right skills that are required for the job.

As we stated above, the second section must be your resume objective, the statement that tells the reader why you sent your resume to them.

The perfect resume must include the following:

  • The resume career objective must be precise, to the point and short, just a couple of sentences. You are not supposed to ramble on about your career in your resume objective.
  • Your resume career objective must inform the reader about the position or post you are applying for in the organisation, for example, your resume objective can use a phrase like “ to secure a job in the banking sector’, or “ to secure a job as a clerk”
  • Your resume career objective must also state how you came to know about the job opening
  • Your resume objective must include what you would contribute to the job. You can use phrases like “where I can use my organisational skills”, or “in which I can use my exceptional marketing skills”.

At times people may send across their resumes to a company without any prior knowledge about the vacancies or openings in that company, in this case your career objective should not specify which position you are applying for.