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A funeral director is a professional who is responsible for the functioning of a funeral home and is required to arrange for the funeral and funeral services.  A funeral director is also known as an undertaker or at times is called a mortician. Candidates who want to apply for the job of a funeral director should equip themselves with a professional funeral director resume that will help them get the job.

Job Description: A funeral director is an expert in mortuary science and is required to look after the daily functioning of the funeral home, maintain accounting records of business transactions, procurement of materials etc. They are also responsible for arranging the funeral service of the deceased and are required to coordinate with the relatives of the deceased to ensure that the legal documentation like burial permits, death certificates, insurance documentation etc are taken care of. It is also the responsibility of the funeral director to appoint staff like pallbearers to carry the coffins, inform cemetery officials, newspapers and the church clergy about the death of the person and the funeral.

Skills:- Some of the key skills that candidates need to include on their funeral director resume should include skills like great emotional strength, perseverance, compassionate nature, good communication, good management skills etc. Highlighting these skills on your resume will help your profile get noticed by employers.


Educational Requirements:- A funeral director needs to have completed a 2 or 4 year program in mortuary science, followed by a one year apprenticeship.  They are supposed to be experts in mortuary science and the science of embalming bodies and preparing the bodies for burial. A funeral director is also required to hold a valid license that allows him or her to practice his profession.

When drafting a funeral director resume, one can optimize the resume by highlighting these qualities and skills that are required for the job. Highlighting your skills will help you create a profile that employers would find appealing and impressive.

Here we have provided you with a few sample funeral director resumes that you can refer to while creating your resume. These samples have been professionally written keeping in mind the skills needed for the job. Give yourself a professional resume and give your career a boost by using these resumes.

Browse through the Sample Resumes given here:

Funeral Director Resume Sample 1

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