Accounting Clerk

An accounting clerk is an accounting professional who is employed with an organization and is responsible for carrying out various clerical activities in the accounting department. The accounting clerk or accounts clerk is responsible for tasks like collecting checks, processing accounts payable and accounts receivables, keeping a track of payments, entering financial information into the accounting system, prepare journal entries, answer accounting queries related to employees etc. An accounting clerks job is a great career opportunity for someone who wants to start off their career in the field of accountancy. To get a job as an accounts clerk, you first need to ensure that your accounting clerk resume is capable of showcasing your skills and talent that is required for the job. Accounts clerks play a very vital role in an organizations accounting department and employers only choose the candidate with the right skills and knowledge for the job. Many times candidates face rejection not because they do not have the skills required for the job, but because they lack a great accounting clerk resume that can showcase their skills, knowledge, expertise and experience to employers.

When drafting an accounting clerk resume, one need to ensure that your skills and qualities match what the employers is looking for. Accounts clerks need to be good at computing numbers, good at math, good at data analysis and need to be responsible. Highlighting these skills on your resume will help give your job application a advantage over others when you apply for the job.

When drafting your resume, highlighting past experience, roles and responsibilities carried out, this will help employers see you expertise in the field, highlighting career accomplishments and achievements will help them see the benefit of having you work for the organization.

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While an accounting clerk may not be required to hold a degree, it is always and added advantage for the candidate and will help further his growth in his career.  When drafting your resume highlighting educational qualifications and achievements like degrees, diplomas, gpa scores, training and workshops attended, certifications achieved , examinations etc will help you create a profile that depicts that you are an expert in accountancy and a keen learner.

You can refer to our professionally written accounting clerk resumes that we have provided where while drafting your resume. These sample resumes have been written keeping in mind the specific skills and qualities that employers would look for in a candidate they would like to hire. You can optimize your resume and learn how to write a perfect resume by following these sample resumes and using them as a guideline or a reference.

Refer to the Sample Resume given below:

Sample Resume 1

Sample Resume 2

Sample Resume 3

Sample Resume 4

Sample Resume 5


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