Dental Laboratory Technician

A dental laboratory technician is a oral healthcare professional who works in a dental laboratory and is responsible for maintaining the equipment in the laboratory. The dental technician is required to oversee the functioning of the laboratory, look into the purchase of new equipment, fabrication on prosthetic dentures in accordance with the prescriptions provided by dentists and ensure that the prosthetics are created in accordance with set quality standards. The job of a dental technician is a well paying job that requires skills and specialized training. Many graduates are looking towards this career option as a great way of staring their career in the oral healthcare sector. Candidates looking for a job need to have a professional dental laboratory technician resume that will help them highlight their skills and qualities and also get them noticed by employers when they apply for the job.

One of the key requirements for the post of a dental laboratory technician is that the candidate must be well versed with the OSJA & DOD guidelines for disinfecting equipment and prosthetics and must be a certified dental technician before he or she can be eligible for the job.

When drafting a dental laboratory technician resume it is very important that one focuses on the key skills, qualification, academics and the person’s expertise in the dental field. It is very important to highlight the licenses and certifications that one has in this field as this helps create a profile that shows the candidate to be an expert in his or her field with the required skills and qualifications.

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In this section we have a dental laboratory technician resume that has been written by a professional resume writer. This example of a resume for dental laboratory technician focuses on the key skills and areas of expertise of the person as well as highlights the person’s knowledge in the dental field and educational qualifications, these are some of the most vital points of the candidates resume that employers and recruiters look for in a candidates profile and will help you create a documents that is capable of catching the attention of the reader. You can use this sample dental laboratory technician resume as a reference while writing your own resume or you can download this resume template and edit it as per your requirements.

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