Dental Receptionist

A dental receptionist is a professional working in a dentist or a dental surgeon’s office and holds a very important post in the dental office. The receptionist in the dental office requires skills and experience to carry out the role, candidates looking for the job need to equip themselves with a well written dental receptionist resume that will help them showcase their skills and experience in the dental field and help them catch the attention of employers with their professional resume.

The dental receptionist plays a very vital role in the office and is responsible for handling patient records, look after the billing of patients, schedule appointments for patients and also carrying out follow-ups with the patients.  The receptionist in a dental office must be dedicated, energetic and have excellent customer service skills and organizational skills while she must be able to multi-task and work in a fast paced work environment. The dental professional must also be proficient at computers and must be well versed with MS word, MS excel and other applications used in the dentist’s office or clinic.

When writing a dental receptionist resume, one must focus on these key skills and highlight them so that your resume can catch the eye of the reader. One of the most important requirements in the candidates profile is that the profile must have a strong objective statement that highlights the key skills and expertise of the candidate, the objective must also be short and precise and should not exceed 3 sentences.

You should also focus on your work experience, giving details about each job held along with roles and responsibilities that you undertook at each post. This gives the reader a perspective into your capabilities to carry out tasks.

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A very important section of the dental receptionist resume is the reference section; you should have 2-3 strong references of your previous employers with their contact details there. You can also add some quotes or reference letters along with the resume.

We have lined up a few dental receptionist resume examples that you can use to create your own resume, you can download and edit these sample resumes and edit them to suit your profile. The sample resumes given here are written by professionals and are written keeping in mind the key skills and important aspects of a dental receptionist resume ensuring that your resume gets a professional edge. These skills and qualities are what employers look for in a good candidate when short listing candidates for the job. Give your career a boost by using the samples given here.

You can refer to the sample resume that we have provided for your reference below: