An executive position is the top most position in an organization that is responsible for managing the organization, making top end decisions, formulating the policies and procedures according to which an organization runs to meet the goals devised by the board of directors. A powerful executive resume will help you be viewed as a prime candidate for the top job.

Executive resume writing has become a highly sophisticated art to capture the attention of the employers and led you right to job you desire. To survive and thrive in the competitive world, you must possess a strong armed resume packed with your skills, abilities, achievements and personal attributes.

Let us concentrate on the guidelines which will help the desire candidate to write a top level executive resume.

Executive resumes should have more than education and experience. They should have unique skills which will enable the candidate to handle the scope and stress of the job. When hiring an executive position the employer will hire you as a person rather than focusing on other past experiences. So always highlight on your skills and achievements together as a good package to sell you.

Your executive resume demonstrates not only your personality but the achievements which will impress the employer. Achievements such as saving your company money, clients money, reducing costs, increased level of productivity, resolving problems etc The main aim of the executive is to reduce the costs and should benefit the company.

Your skills are equally important to sell you to the employer include self control, leadership skills, communication skills, integrity, charisma and vision. The executive needs to work under tremendous work pressure and make the best use of their resources to get the work done by other employers. An executive should be able to take the decisions which are appreciated by other staff members to encourage them to work efficiently. In brief an executive should envision the employee about the position of the company in the market and to improve their quality of work.

When drafting an executive resume, one must highlight your executive profile rather than focusing on objectives or summary of qualification. When hiring executive level position employer tend to see executive profile in their executive resume. The content is different in executive profile but it does the same work like objective or summary of qualification. It should present your key achievements and enables your benefit to the company.

Do not forget to focus on your work history in chronological manner starting with the recent job. Describe special events; explain a few sentences on how you solved the company’s problem by gaining profit to the company. Reassure your employer how you will be beneficial to their company in respect in solving the difficulties faced by the company.

A well sketched executive resume will help the recruiter seek you for the right position in their organization.

Below you will find various Executive Sample Resumes for various Executive positions