Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is one of the most challenging and creative careers in today’s world. This career provides ample opportunities to express ones creativity with tremendous growth. Fashion can be termed as the current trend of clothing, makeup and accessories in a society with fame and glamour. Passion to wear trendy dresses and accessories by the people has led the fashion industry to experience a boom, where the fashion designers rule the fashion world. A career as fashion designer requires lot of hard work and dedication and knowledge of upcoming trends in the market.

To attain a challenging position in fashion world one need to have a well constructed fashion designing resume. A fashion designing resume serves as a marketing tool to secure an interview with a leading fashion house. Therefore you need a resume which will serve all the needs required for a fashion designer to consider you for the employment. There are few things you want to highlight while writing an effective fashion designer resume.

Create all the list of things you want to include in fashion designing resume. First start with the introduction with your name, address, contact number and mailing address. You can also add your recent photograph to make it more attractive.

Begin with your resume objective to give brief idea about your carrier goals in two to three sentences at the maximum.

Focus on the skills as every individual is good at something. Flaunt your skills, may be you are good at sketching .Good computer knowledge, working on Adobe illustrator or Photoshop can be added. Great drawing or sketching skills with good presentation skills, strong taste of colors and prints and excellent verbal and written skills all these qualities can be added in this section.

Next focus on your experiences, which plays a vital role in designing your fashion designing resume. List down the type of work you have handled, your responsibilities and capabilities in this section .Make sure you list down the name of the institution or boutique you were engaged with. Try to write in chronological order which will give the idea of your recent job profile following others to the employer. You can also add your part time jobs or freelancing experiences in the above section.

Including your educational qualification is equally important in fashion designing resume. List down the names of our collages or universities attended with your academic performances along with respective trainings in your past carrier. Don’t shy if you have attended training for fashion assistance. List them whatever may be the training either in the school or as an internship. This will create positive impact on your fashion designer resume. You can add honors or awards received by you in the same section.

References can be stated as references are available on request.

After you have finished writing your resume proof checks the fashion designer resume several times to avoid relevant mistakes. A fashion designer resume must be highly creative and flexible .With all the above information you must have got an idea to build an impressive fashion designing resume.

Below you will find various Fashion Designing Sample Resumes for various Fashion  professions