As Resumes are the first opportunity to highlight background and experiences to potential employers, it should be well organized and informative. A resume should not be a biography but it should be well-organized and visually pleasing. Before drafting a Law Resume, one should keep in mind, the kind of work that the firm is involved in, to which you are going to apply. Keeping in mind what your profile will be in the Law firm, one should draft a Resume. If it requires more of writing and research skill, then one should stress more on the experiences that one has undergone and try to put it in your resume. If it requires more of communication and negotiating skill then they should be stressed upon.

All those who are experienced, should list in their law experience before education as that will put more impact on your resume.  Your first Job should be the first priority. If you are a fresher then the education should come first ahead of others. Experience field should contain all the relevant experiences. Be it Legal, Professional or non-legal. A description should always be given for all the job experiences putting down every relevant part point wise. The projects which are most relevant to the job description should be highlighted the most.

Then education should come in second followed by any judicial clerk work ever taken. The Bar Status should come in next followed by scholastic honors and activities. In the end one should list down any publications. The Resume should put a good impact on the potential employer, so it should not contain any unwanted information.

There are different categories in Legal Resumes. Like Legal Assistant, Law Intern, Lawyer and many more. You will find all the relevant sample resumes here.

Below we have a few Law Sample resumes for various law professions