A manager is a professional working in an organization who is responsible for managing the functioning of a team, department or office.  Usually a manager may have a vast set of responsibilities that can span various domains. A manager usually comes with a lot of experience in that particular field and is required to possess certain skills most important of which are people management skills, resource management and communication skills. Depending on the organization that the manager works with, the manager may be assigned a specific function or may handle and manage a team that works on multiple functions.

Skills required by a Manager

Some of the skills that a good manager must possess and which should be included in a manager resume include:-

People management skills:- A manager must be highly skilled in people management and must be able to work with and handle issues related  with the people who work under him.

Communication Skill:  Communication skills are a must have for a manager profile. A manager is required to communicate with various departments, clients as well as the employees who work with him. It is important that a manager possess good communication skills so that he or she can express their thoughts and ideas clearly.

Listening Skills:  It is very important that a manger be a good listener, the manager must be able to listen to his employees, clients and colleagues and should be able to accept their ideas and thoughts as well.

Leadership:- leadership skills are a very important factor for a good manager, a manager must be able to lead by example and should be able to provide quick solutions to problems at hand as well as foresee any impending issues or problems.

Resource management:- a key skill for a great manager is resource management, a good manager must be able to utilize the resources at hand, tap resources form other departments and work with them to get the task completed.

These are just a few skills that a manager must possess and that should be included in a manager resume. While drafting a manager resume one must also include information regarding the candidate’s role and job profile. The manager resume must also include information on the candidates past experiences, education and any trainings or certifications that the manager has undergone that need to be mentioned.  A manager resume must also include the span of control that the manager has worked with, any specific projects that the manager has undertaken and any achievements or awards that the candidate has got during his tenure as a manager.

Here we have a few sample manager resume that have been drafted by a professional resume writer and that would help you create a perfect manager resume to send out along with a job application. You can use these sample manager resumes and customize them to suit your profile. These manager resumes have been drafted keeping the skills and qualities required for each job, making each resume unique. Feel free to download these sample resumes given here for free.

Below we have a few Manager Sample Resumes for various Manager positions