ICU Nurse

An ICU nurse is a nursing professional who works in  Intensive care unit or an ICU ward of a hospital or a medical center. The nursing professional is responsible for providing immediate medical care and attention to patients who are brought to the intensive care unit and are in need of immediate medical assistance and support, the nurse is required to assess the patients condition and analyze the needs and provide immediate assistance to stabilize the patients condition. An ICU nurses job is a very critical job and is one that requires a certain level of qualification, certifications and licenses. The main responsibility of the professional is to stabilize the condition of the patient along with assisting the physician or surgeon in caring for patients in the intensive care unit and taking up additional responsibilities.

An ICU Nurses resume like all other nurses professional profile and must focus on the key skills and qualities that make you an ideal candidate for the job . When drafting a professional profile for the candidate, it is very important that your document be divided into four distinct sections, the document must start with the introduction, this section will include your resume title, name and contact information.

The next section is the objective, you must have a well written resume objective that is precise and outlines which position you are applying for, your objective statement must also state your goal as well as what you expect from the institution along with what you intend on achieving.

After the objective one must follow up with the experience section.The ICU nurses resume must also focus on your work experience as a nurse along with details about the job descriptions for each job held as a nurse or ICU professional, one must list down the previous jobs in a reverse chronological order.

The next section is the educational qualification, here you should also focus on on your educational qualifications, certifications acquired in the field of nursing as well as nursing licenses.

You can conclude the profile by adding your affiliations, memberships to various bodies and associations and then add a reference section. The reference section should contain 3-4 professional acquaintances along with their names and contact information. One must always ensure that before adding a reference onto your resume, one must take the permission of the person and ensure that the correct contact information is provided.

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We have lined up a few sample ICU nurse resumes that you can refer to when writing an ICU nurses resume. These sample resumes are professionally written and contain the required nursing terms and keywords that an ICU nurses resume must have. We also have stressed on the key skills that are required to carry out an ICU nurses role. You can download our sample ICU nurse resume and use them to come up with your own perfect resume.

Browse through the sample resumes given below: