Labor Nurse

A labor nurse or labor and delivery nurse works in the labor room and newborn infant department of the hospital.  A labor nurse’s key responsibility is to take care of the medical needs of newborn infants. The labor nurse is required to have adequate medical knowledge and must also possess other key skills like patience, communication skills and should be able to interact with patients and the patient’s families. The labor nurse is also required to carry out other functions in the hospital as well as assist the doctor in his or her duties.

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When drafting a labor nurses resume, on must focus on the persons key skills and qualities that make a good labor nurse.  A labor nurse resume must focus on the persons experience as a nurse as well as on the knowledge and expertise of the person in that field.

In this section e have a few sample labor nurse resumes that have been written by a professional resume writer keeping in mind the skills and expertise of a good labor nurse. You can use these labor nurse resume examples to prepare your won resume and give your labor nurse resume a professional touch.

The resume given here can be downloaded and edited to suit your profile.

Some Common Formats for labor Nurse Resume are given below: