Psychiatric Nurse

A Psychiatric nurse or as we also know them as mental health nurse are specialized nurses who care for patients who are suffering from any mental disorder. A psychiatric nurse has to undergo trainings and certifications in order to qualify for the job as unlike an ordinary nurses job, a psychiatric nurses job is a specialized job as it entails caring for patients who suffer metal illnesses.  Nurses in this field are trained in building a therapeutic alliance, psychological therapies, dealing with challenging behavior, and the administration of psychiatric medication.

A Psychiatric Nurses resume must focus on the skills, expertise and knowledge of the person in the field of nursing.


For your resume to be appealing to readers, you should focus on your professional experience, educational qualifications, certifications and licenses that you hold. You should also ensure that you use appropriate nursing keywords that will give your resume an edge.

We have created a few sample resumes for psychiatric nurse that you can refer to. These resumes are professionally written and focus on the key elements of a good nursing resume. The sample resumes given here are simple yet effective and will give your nursing career and boost while adding an professional touch to your psychiatric nurses resume. You can download these sample resumes and edit them to suit your profile.

Some Common Formats for Psychiatric Nurse Resume are given below: