An accountant is a highly skilled professional who is responsible for executing the accounting principles and to analyze financial information of the company that he or she works for. The main responsibility of accountant is to prepare accurate financial reports and statements with proper time interval. Accountants ensure whether the financial information of a company is exact or not. Accountants are useful when it comes to take sound decision regarding resource allocations as well as financial planning for the company. Highly qualified managers, investors and tax authorities are dependent upon accountants to take any decisions in regards with finances.

A great accounting resume example should give you an idea about knowledge, skills and abilities of the candidate and should also portray a picture that the candidate is perfect for the accounting position. A resume for accounting must include the information about the candidate’s knowledge in the accounting field and should focus on the person’s educational qualifications and certifications in the field of accountancy. Most  accountants are Certified General Accounts( CGA), Certified Management Accountants (CMA)s, or are Chartered Accountants (CA). It is very important that an accounting resume example include the person’s certifications and whether he or she falls in any of these categories. An accountant is required to have an analytical and critical thinking with strong business capabilities, these capabilities of the candidate must reflect in his or her resume. The resume format should be unique to stand out from the competitive world to give the candidate a competitive edge while applying for a job. Certain skills that need to be included in an accounting resume are:

  • Skills: Ability to visualize, solve complicated problems and make an accurate and informed decision is an important factor to acquire accountant position and are a must in an accounting resume.
  • Communication Skills: Accountants should able to communicate well with their clients it may be verbal, nonverbal and written skills is essential factor that need to be mentioned in your accounting profile. Communication skills also depend upon the knowledge of the person in the respective field. Communication skills in accounting business are all about communicating with financial statement with subordinates, superiors and colleagues. This can be done by writing letters, reports and memos.
  • Computer Skills and Leadership Qualities: The ability to use basic computer functions such as word processing, spread sheet and database software is very important to produce and record information of the clients. Most of the work is handled by team members to achieve their goals so leadership quality plays an important role, these skills need to be added to one’s profile.
  • Accounting Areas: An accountant should have expertise in compiling and analyzing financial information to prepare the statements. Monitoring and supporting taxation issues, developing and maintaining financial data base, ensuring timely close out etc. The candidates  resume must specify which accounting area the person specializes in.

Besides all these skills an accounting resume should contain the candidate’s personal information like the persons contact information, email id and physical address.

The document should also include a summary of accomplishments with relevant experience in the field. This would give the employer a brief idea about the candidate’s capabilities in the field of accountancy.

A resume for an accounting candidate must also include the candidate’s work experience section with the names of company and time duration in the organization. You can use bullet form to note down your responsibilities in a precise way. It is advisable to write in reverse chronological order starting with your recent job.

After the candidates work experience, the document should include the educational qualification .Note down your educational degrees and license before starting with certifications and trainings.

The last section of an accounting resume should be that of the references, or you can state references are available on request.

After the profile has been created, you need to proofread it several times to avoid any mistakes before sending it to the employer. Consider these guidelines and crack the interview with a strong accounting resume and confidence.

Here we have a few sample accounting resumes that have been professionally written to give your career a boost. These  resume samples have been written to highlight the candidate’s skills and expertise in accounting. You can download these templates and customize them to suit your requirements. These samples are sure to help you get a boost and stay ahead of the competition.