Computer Operator

A computer operator resume is required by people who wish to apply for a position of a computer operator in any organization. A computer operator is a person who works in an office and is responsible for operating a computer and carrying out tasks like maintain online records, data entry, data processing, generating reports etc. A computer operator is required to be highly proficient in the use of computers and computer applications as well as office automation software’s. A computer operator is required to have in-depth knowledge of office applications like MS office etc.


Some of the other job descriptions that a computer operator should be familiar with are to keep a track of the systems like mainframes, minicomputers, and networks of personal computers, operation and ensuring efficient usage. A computer operator should be able to anticipate problems and should take preventative measures beforehand. There are specific training courses that a computer operator is required to know. These should reflect in your resume. It optimizes your chance of getting job. Always keep in mind there will be other people who will be vying for the same position that you have applied for so you need to put down all the relevant experiences and exposure on your resume to impress your interviewer.

You should always refer to free sample computer operator resumes that are available on net. They will give you a proper idea as to what need to be put and what needs not to be in your resume. Your resume can act as a catalyst for interviewer. If you have all the point that the computer operator job description specifies than it is but obvious that you will be successful in getting the attention of the hiring agency. The sample resume formats that we have used have been made after a lot of deliberation.

When drafting a computer operator resume, the person needs to focus on skills and expertise in operating computers as well as the person’s knowledge of computer applications. As a computer operator also need to know the new softwares or operating system that are newly launched, so your resume should have reference to the latest operating system and software. The computer operator resume should also specify about some knowledge on networking and maintenance.  It should show knowledge of backup and backup devices as these are the things which a computer operator needs to know.

Here we have a sample resume for the post of a computer operator. This sample resume example has been drafted by a professional resume writer and highlights the candidates experience and knowledge of computers. This Computer operator resume has been designed to give your computer operators career a kick start and help you get ahead of the competition.

You can customize these sample resumes to suit your requirements or use it as a guideline when drafting your resume. Be precise while specifying your training and development that you have undergone and do not forget to add all the experiences that you have undergone in your previous job experiences.

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