Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is a dental healthcare professional who is also called a oral hygienist, this professional is licensed and specializes in oral health. The job of a dental hygienist is one that requires specialized training and skill and is a high paying job. Many fresher’s are looking towards this career as a good and lucrative career option due to the perks and good salaries that these professionals draw. Candidates interested in applying for the job need to ensure that they have a great dental hygienist resume that can help them highlight their key skills and qualities and help them create a profile that employers would find irresistible.

A dental hygienist is governed by the local or state dental regulations; the oral healthcare professional usually works for a dentist and performs tasks that include administering local anesthesia, oral cleanings, scaling and root planing for patients. The role of a dental hygienist is different from that of a dental assistant who just assists the dentist with administrative tasks and a few dental procedures. This professional is highly skilled and can carry out minor procedures on his own unlike a assistant to the dentist.

When drafting a resume for a dental hygienist, candidates need to ensure that their resume must focus on some key aspects of the persons profile so that the profile may catch the attention of any future employer. It is very important that one should highlight the key skills required to be a good dental hygienist, Some of the most important sections of the candidates profile include the educational qualification, work experience, skills and expertise in the field as well as knowledge of the job. These key points would help a candidate create a dental hygienist resume that stands out and helps you get noticed by recruiting managers and employers. Here we have a few resume tips that will help you draft a great oral healthcare professional resume.

  • Objective: One must ensure that the profile has a very strong objective statement; the objective should be precise and short. It must specify the position that you are applying for and must also specify your goal and expectations.
  • Experience: The professionals profile must also have a very strong employment experience or work experience section. In a dental hygienist resume you must include the jobs that you have held and specify the details about each of the roles and responsibilities that you have held at each position. This helps employers get a  better understanding of your abilities to take on responsibilities and understand your expertise in the field.
  • Education: This section should highlight the candidate’s degree or diploma in oral healthcare, along with certifications; trainings etc that help make the candidate an expert in the domain.


In this section we have lined up a few dental hygienist resume examples that you can use to create your own resume, you can download and edit these sample resumes and edit them to suit your profile. The samples given here are written by professional writers and highlight the key skills that employers usually look for in candidates when they hire someone for the job. These resumes have been written keeping in mind the key skills and important aspects of a dental hygienist resume ensuring that your resume gets a professional edge.

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