Tooth Clerk

There are various dental professionals who work in a dentist office, one of them is the tooth clerk, a tooth clerk is a dental professional who assists the dentist with administrative task and running the office ensuring that everything is running smoothly so that the dentist can focus on treating patients. Candidates looking to apply for the job need to ensure that they have a well drafted tooth clerk resume that assists them in highlighting their clerical and administrative skills. There is a great demand for well qualified and experienced tooth clerks and having the perfect resume can do wonders for ones chances of landing a dream job, here we take a look at a few sample resumes and resume writing tips that will help the candidate out shine the competition and get noticed by employers.

Job Description: The primary role of the dental professional is to manage the administrative tasks in the office or clinic. These roles and responsibilities includes scheduling appointment for patients, answering phone calls, managing email, phone and fax correspondence, processing insurance claims for patients, ensuring dental equipments is cared for and is maintained, managing inventories and procuring supplies, and managing the dentist’s clients.

Skills Requirements: candidates wishing to apply for the job need to ensure that they meet the skill requirements for the position,  the tooth clerk needs to have good written and oral communication skills, good computer skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, knowledge of dental equipment and insurance procedures, hard working, reliable etc.

Educational Requirements: Candidates wanting to apply for the job requires undergoing a vocational training or having an associate degree or a diploma that would make them eligible for the job. Being a certified tooth clerk is an added advantage that will help improve the chances of the candidate landing the job.


When drafting a resume for a tooth clerk one needs to focus on the past experience of the candidates and highlight the key roles and responsibilities that the candidate held as a tooth clerk.

In this section we have a few sample resumes for the position of a tooth clerk that one can refer to and use to create their very own resume. These sample resumes have been created keeping in mind the key skills, qualities and abilities of a candidate that employers would be looking for in candidate when they are short listing people for the job. You can refer to these samples and use them as a guideline to learn how to create a profile that is impressive and eye catching and help give your career a boost.

Refer to the sample resumes given below:

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