A dentist or as they are also called, dental surgeon is a doctor who is specialized in the treatment of dental or oral cavity conditions. A dentist works in close coordination with a team of trained professionals that include dental hygienists, dental technicians and dental assistants.

A dentist is required to be a graduate from the science stream before he or she can join a dental school or college.  In the US most dental schools require that the candidate have completed their bachelor’s degree before applying for dental school. To apply for a dental school, aspiring dentists need to take the dental admissions test, on completing dental school, a new dentist is awarded the doctor of dental surgery or doctor of dental medicine degree.

Many college graduates are looking towards dentistry as a profession, and it is becoming g very important that a new dentist has an effective dentist resume that outlines the person’s skills, clinical skills, expertise and knowledge. A dentist or dental surgeon requires an effective dentist resume that outlines the person’s professionalism, skills and area of expertise. This will help your resume stand out among other dentist resumes and will help you create a positive impression on a future employer. A dentist resume must outline the person’s experience that he or she has gained during dentist school as well as during training.

A dentist resume must focus more on the educational and academic qualifications of the person, and this must be listed before the work experience section of a dentist resume.

In this section we look at the various dentist resumes like general dentist resume, senior dentist resume, dental surgeon resume, dental specialist resume etc.

These dentist resumes are written by a professional resume writer and focus on the key skills and qualities of a good dentist resume.

Below you will find various Dentist Sample Resumes for various Dentist professions